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Reinterpreting the American dream: Through Founder's Eyes 

Will Dowd led a hopelessly comfortable existence, exposed to many of life’s familiar storms while unaware that America’s skies still possessed much of a dream at all. Empty cloud cover plagued him until his eyes were opened by a new mentor, a bald eagle named Founder, America’s national mascot come to life to scout out those who are ripe for a new dream.

A parabolic journey with this unlikely duo through many nighttime adventures across high mountain peaks, through famous wilderness, timeless towns, and the most recognizable national monuments. There’s a counterfeit dream whose lure is subtle until its jaw is clenched too tight. Such a deceptively preying culture is just dim enough for light to reappear and inspire Will to take back his own wings and reinterpret life’s definition of “livin’ the dream.”

Hope breathes through those who choose to be awakened…


Poverty or Purpose?

Imagine a nation of kids who we think are impoverished, but who are as rich in purpose as anyone else in the world. Now, imagine another nation of children uniquely, and similarly created for purpose. We’re not just to feed or sponsor these kids. Their purpose is greater than their poverty. We’re supposed to value them, love them, help extract their purpose from within them, and believe in who they have been created to be. We are called to empower them!

Each one is different. Each one represents a new layer of hope this world longs to know. Each child, the one’s we have so often put on those posters with swollen belly’s and flies circling, well, they are a picture for SO much more! They can be a picture of true hope.

That’s the whole reason we lived in Ethiopia those three years. It wasn’t because we only saw their need, it’s because we saw the world’s need for those children to realize that they aren’t any less than anyone else. They aren’t less than the billionaire, the entrepreneur, the Mom, the athlete, the CEO, the pastor; they have as much God given purpose in this world as any of us, and it’s time we show them! It’s time we go beyond rescuing them and instead begin to bless them to be all they’ve been created to be. As we worked with these kids we were the one’s who felt rescued. We saw the hope that much of the world is waiting for through elections. We saw orphans reach out to street kids, and then street kids reach out to others in their same battle. We watched kids finally realize that they have value and purpose. We watched them marvel at the fact that someone believes in them beyond survival. We watched these kids and we were changed. The whole world will be changed if we start to call out the purpose, the hope and destiny in each one.

Can you imagine what this world will look like when we’re not just rescuing these kids from poverty, but empowering their purpose? How many nations are oppressed in need of change? How many nations watch their heritage slip away? How many nations are wrecked with war or poverty? How many nations are marked by pain? How many kids live in those nations? What would happen if they knew who they were really created to be?

My heart is wrecked with possibility! I see a river of lit up kids in a dry desert of a dark, thirsty world. Their purpose is greater than their poverty. Just imagine the possibilities!

Imagine nations changed because you lived your purpose and dream!